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State of the art massage chairs & unrivalled customer service. 

Panacea Relaxation Limited (Panacea) provide leading edge massage and relaxation products in the UK. The first range of products offered are massage chairs, which have been developed to a high specification with our manufacturing partner.

Panacea firmly believe that by using our massage products will not only alleviate physical stress but also mental. Our highly trained team have extensive knowledge of our products and will advise you on how to maximise your benefits from using the chairs.


Exacting standards

Our chairs have been manufactured to exacting standards and use high quality parts replacing traditional methods of manufacture. Because of this drive to make our chairs at the forefront of technology and manufacturing, we focus on all elements of our product. This focus is driven by wanting to give you the best, authentic massage experience available on the market.


Leading edge technology

Our chairs are packed with leading edge technologies resulting in a real life massage experience (please note these features vary by model):

  • Using sensory technology, chairs can pick up your heartbeat and enter sleep mode, slowing down the massage enabling the body to relax and allowing the user to fall asleep.
  • Along with the sleep mode, a zero gravity feature kicks into move the chair into a more comfortable position so that you are not disturbed whilst you relax.
  • Infrared heat sensors are used to relax and loosen up body joints during massaging which allows the massage benefit to be felt long after you have left the chair.


Health benefits

By using our chair once a day for a period of 15 minutes we believe this will improve the condition of your body and provide many further health benefits gained from a better sleep at night, a reduction in stress related headaches and muscle conditioning is improved. All these benefits allow you to feel, and be, healthier.

The level of mental and physical stress of an individual can be lowered giving a brighter and healthier look!


Customer satisfaction

Our focus on customer satisfaction is the main reason we partnered with Panaseima to become the UK’s sole distributor. Panaseima are the world’s leading massage chair manufacturer. With over 30 years experience and an international presence Panaseima are masters of massage and we work closely with them to ensure our chairs are everything we say they are.

Our drive means we look at every detail, no matter how small, as we know even small details can improve the massage experience. One such small detail is silicone feet rollers used in our chairs which provide a thorough massage allowing you to feel lighter and energetic when back on your feet.


If we can’t repair, we replace your chair!

In the unusual event of a technical difficulty, if our technicians are unable to fix your chair, we will replace it free of charge.





Our top of the range, market leading massage chair with 3 zero gravity settings and 16 unique massage programs.


Experience true relaxation in your own home with Hypnos' 2 zero gravity settings and 8 unique massage programs.


State of the art massage technology in a space saving compact massage chair featuring a zero gravity setting.


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*Please note that pre-booking is required to visit our showrooms for a demonstration.