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De-stress to impress. Wow staff and customers alike!

Massage techniques and programs to cater for everyone

The combinations available on Panacea chairs are impossible to match elsewhere. There are up to 5 different massage styles. Whilst you may not be aware of the options your physio would use, you will know what feels good and promotes recovery in your injury. There is compression, or percussion, or even friction, these are all possible… and if you didn’t know these even existed then call us for a FREE demonstration in your place of work. We would love to come and demonstrate one of our chairs for you.

Whether you want to look after your team members, and reap the benefits of increased productivity and reduced levels of illness, or you want to treat valuable clients to something special and strengthen the bond between customer and company, there are solid reasons for a business to invest in one of our zero gravity massage chairs.


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Healthy staff are happy staff

We spend a fortune every year on the machines in our business so why not the people? People are the most valuable thing in any business. We are nothing without the very people that run our operations. For this reason it is essential that we ensure their health and well-being are at optimum levels.

This ultimate luxury ‘staff perk’ is no pipedream. There are a number of options available to make this cost effective. Moreover the cost of staff sickness and absence will always vastly outstrip the minor cost of one of our Panacea massage chairs. Not to mention the increased productivity of healthier staff who feel like they’re being looked after well. Finance is available so, apart from outright purchase, there are other options including leasing and finance.

We all want to feel appreciated as well as a little spoiled at times. It is this feeling that is at the core of being an employee. We strive for the best as contributing members of a team, and it is never too much to expect that back from your employer. Forward thinking companies are now putting machines in their offices to let their staff benefit from the many benefits of a Panacea massage chair.

Are you looking for a new way to impress clients or make waiting around a bit more interesting?

Our massage chairs can do more than help look after your staff’s wellbeing. Increasingly we’re seeing businesses invest in a chair for public facing areas. From agancies to showrooms and anywhgere with high value ticket items, where once you had a basic chair and maybe a half decent coffee machine, massage chairs are now springing up. What may initially appear a gimick actually proves to be a talking point for customers once they leave.

This can entice new potential customers in and while they’re enjoying a massage you can pull out your best sales pitch. Our chairs also work well in relationship marketing terms, making the bond between you and your customer greater and decreasing the chance of them breaking it and going elsewhere. Keep them feeling loved and well treated and they’ll keep coming back… and tell others after every visit. Which business couldn’t benefit from that?

Find out how a Panacea chair can improve your life. Call 0141 427 0888 today for more information or to book your FREE trial.




Our top of the range, market leading massage chair with 3 zero gravity settings and 16 unique massage programs.


Experience true relaxation in your own home with Hypnos' 2 zero gravity settings and 8 unique massage programs.


State of the art massage technology in a space saving compact massage chair featuring a zero gravity setting.


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