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Do you wake up with aches and pains or feeling to tried to get out of bed?

All the time in the day does not mean you are willing to wait!

Retirement creates time and affords people the luxury of doing the things that simply got sidelined when you worked. Essentially you can focus on you, rather than your job. Part of this is being able to take time for things that are beneficial to you. At Panacea chairs we have a range of chairs designed to massage and help muscle and joint pain.

Movement is vital as we get older and to increase your chances of free mobility, massage with the correct pressure and heat is a great way to increase your mobility and flexibility.


Target the tight areas you never have an answer to

The massive range of combinations available on the chairs cannot be beaten. There are up to an absolutely staggering 5 different massage styles. Whilst you may not know the exact terminology, a massage expert would! There is compression, or percussion, or even friction, these are all possible… and if you didn’t know these even existed then call us for a FREE demonstration. You would be amazed how much diversity this chair is capable of. In addition to styles you can even decide on the speed, the strength and duration, as well as too many other things to mention all in the comfort of your own home.


Prevention and recovery solution for retirement

Panacea chairs offer our customers a range of immersive massage chairs that are designed to not only work away all of life’s tensions, aches and pains, but can also fully scan your body to tailor the massage, as well as applying heat if desired… you can even play music to add that final touch of luxury and allow you to drift off letting the chair do all the hard work. Regardless of your size, sex or physical strength, Panacea chairs have a massage solution to make sure you make the most of retirement.

It is not hard to say that this chair provides a great massage for any retired person by ensuring relaxation and muscle loosening. Our chairs can even position you in a zero gravity position to reduce muscle strain. This can be an important element for a number of conditions and ailments. This ability to reduce pressure on your muscles makes it a must have for many of our customers.


Book a FREE demonstration at your home

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Our top of the range, market leading massage chair with 3 zero gravity settings and 16 unique massage programs.


Experience true relaxation in your own home with Hypnos' 2 zero gravity settings and 8 unique massage programs.


State of the art massage technology in a space saving compact massage chair featuring a zero gravity setting.


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