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Do you want more in life for your health and well-being? Personal massage wellbeing in your home, on your schedule.

Prevention is better than cure, as they say!

You may think you are in perfect health and you have absolutely no aches or pains. That is absolutely fantastic but what makes sense is ensuring it remains that way. Everybody who gets old, injured or ill had a time before that where they could honestly say they were completely fine. The common thing with all of this is that there came a time when everything changed. Sometimes these changes are gradual and sometimes they are literally instant.

Are you doing enough for you own wellbeing?

Panacea massage chairs help promote wellbeing and better muscle freedom and movement. The chairs can position you in your own personal ideal position and scan your body to see what is going to be best for you. Our range of chairs can provide heat as well which is known to promote blood flow to specific areas in your body. Even if you are not unwell this is a great way to keep blood moving and make sure your muscles are repairing efficiently, helping prevent injury.

Target areas you need to keep supple

The incredible combinations available on the Panacea chairs are impossible to match elsewhere. There are a jaw dropping 5 different massage styles. Whilst you may not be aware of the options your professional masseuse would use, you will know what feels good and promotes recovery with minor niggles, before they become major problems.

There is compression, or percussion, or even friction, these are all possible… and if you didn’t know these even existed then why not try them out…


Book a FREE demonstration at your home

Call now or fill in the enquiry form below to arrange a free demonstration. We would love to come to a place of your choosing, even your home and demonstrate one of our chairs for you. You would be amazed how much diversity this chair is capable of. In addition to styles you can even decide on the speed, the strength and duration, as well as too many other things to mention all in the comfort of your own home.

Find out how a Panacea chair can improve your life. Call 0141 427 0888 today for more information or to book your FREE trial.




Our top of the range, market leading massage chair with 3 zero gravity settings and 16 unique massage programs.


Experience true relaxation in your own home with Hypnos' 2 zero gravity settings and 8 unique massage programs.


State of the art massage technology in a space saving compact massage chair featuring a zero gravity setting.


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*Please note that pre-booking is required to visit our showrooms for a demonstration.